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Law and Regulations for Aircraft Safety

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Law and Regulations for Aircraft Safety (translation for non Japanese user: for purpose of reference)

Note: Only the original Japanese texts of the laws and regulations have legal effect, and the translations are to be used solely as reference materials to aid in the understanding of Japanese law and regulations.

  1. English-language translations of law and regulations for aircraft safety are shown at the site of “Japanese Law Translation”.
    (a) Civil Aeronautics Act (CAA)
    (b) Civil Aeronautics Regurations (CAR)
  2. Additional Information provided by the Airworthiness Division of JCAB
    (a) Relevant articles of CAA on Aircraft Safety (relative to Chapter III Safety of Aircraft)
      ・Amendment on June 19, 2019, effective on June 18, 2020
       ・Amendment on June 19, 2019, effective on June 18, 2022
    (b) Relevant articles of CAR on Aircraft Safety (relative to Chapter I General Provisions and Chapter III Safety of Aircraft)

    Effective on March 31, 2021       Effective on and after June 18, 2022
      ・ CAR                 ・ CAR
       ・Annex 1               ・Annex 1
       ・Annex 2               ・Annex 2
       ・Annex 3               ・Annex 3
       ・Annex 4               ・Annex 4

Circulars for Aircraft Safety (translation for non Japanese user: for purpose of reference)

The Civil Aviation Bureau issues circulars for aircraft safety to provide the policy, standards, guidance and other information related to JCAB activities such as certification of aircraft, approval of maintenance organization and approval of air-carrier's maintenance program.

The circulars are classified into the subjects below.

  1. Procedure and Policy concerning Certification / Approval for Aircraft / Parts
  2. Procedure and Policy concerning Approval Organization
  3. Procedure and Policy concerning Maintenance
  4. Procedure and Policy concerning Air Carrier
  5. Procedure and Policy concerning Operation Approval
  6. Other Policies
  7. Tables / Lists

Effective Circulars (translation for non Japanese user)
It is noted that if there is a translation difference between the two languages, then Japanese should be the official language to refer to.

  • No.0-000 2019-03-01: Circular System and Structure
  • No.1-001 2021-07-30: General Policy and Procedures for Certification / Inspection
  • No.1-003 2011-06-30: Procedures for Type Certification of Japanese Manufactured Aircraft
  • No.1-004 2011-06-30: General Policy for Approval of Types and Specifications of Appliances
  • No.1-005 2020-12-24: Permission of Special flights
  • No.1-006 2020-12-24: General Policies for Permitting Test Flights, etc. for Amateur-bult Aircraft
  • No.1-007 2016-03-20: General Policies for Permitting Test Flights, etc. for Ultralight Planes and Gyroplanes
  • No.1-008 2011-06-30: Markings which shall be indicated in Japanese  for Emergency Exit, Safety Equipments, etc.
  • No.1-009 2011-06-30: Procedures for Approval of Master Minimum Equipment List
  • No.1-013 2011-06-30: Approval of Service Bulletin (SB)
  • No.1-014 2019-06-28: Issuance of Certification Documents for Export of Aircraft, etc.
  • No.1-023 2020-06-17: Administrations for Record related to Alteration of Aircraft or Design Change of Components,  (Handling Procedure of “List of Design Change Inspection”)
  • No.1-026 2015-09-16: Requirements for Installing Supplemental White Strobe Lights on Rotorcraft
  • No.1-027 2019-12-13: Guidance on Preparation of JCAB Supplement for a Flight Manual in English
  • No.1-028 2021-08-02: Establishment of Continuous Operational Airworthiness System and Operational Safety Planning Document to be constructed by design approval holders for aircraft etc. manufactured in Japan under Article 13-4 of the CAA
  • No.1-302 2011-06-30: Policy for Establishing Certification Basis
  • No.1-303 2011-06-30: Guidelines for handling special requirements, equivalent safety,and exclusion of application
  • No.1-304 2011-06-30: Guidance for Usage of Issue Papers
  • No.1-306 2011-06-30: Procedures for Issuing Type Inspection Authorization
  • No.1-307 2011-06-30: Certification Plan
  • No.1-308 2011-06-30: Preparation and Management of Implementation Plan for Conformity Inspection and Test Witnessing
  • No.1-309 2011-06-30: Guidelines for Implementation of Conformity Inspection and Test Witnessing  
  • No.1-310 2011-06-30: Manuals for Employing a Deviation Sheet
  • No.1-311 2011-06-30: Procedures for Manufacturing Process Inspection
  • No.1-312 2011-06-30: Guidelines for Evaluation of Quality Control for Manufacturing
  • No.1-313 2011-06-30: Guidelines for Establishing Airworthiness Limitations Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
  • No.1-314 2019-12-13: Guidelines on the Preparation of Type Certificate Data Sheets
  • No.1-317 2011-06-30: General policy of the Maintenance Review Board
  • No.1-318 2011-09-13: Evaluation Procedures for the Operation and Maintenance Requirements for Domestically Manufactured Aircraft
  • No.1-319 2013-04-11: Policy for Evaluation of Certification Maintenance Requirements
  • No.1-502 : Handling of Components etc. to be installed in Aircraft (Applicable on and after 18 June, 2022)
  • No.2-001 2021-08-02: General Policy for Approved Organizations
  • No.2-002 2011-06-30: Policy for onsite inspection to a Supplier under Approved Production Organization
  • No.2-008 2020-12-24: Procedures for obtaining recognition by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for Japanese Approved Maintenance Organizations under the TA-M with the CAAS
  • No.2-009 2020-05-24:Procedures to be Recognized by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia for Japanese Approved Maintenance Organizations under THE TECHNICAL ARRANGEMENT OF AVIATION MAINTENANCE BETWEEN CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY AUTHORITY OF AUSTRALIA AND CIVIL AVIATION BUREAU, THE MINISTRY OF LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND TOURISM OF JAPAN                                                          
  • No.3-001 2018-06-22: Maintenance and Alteration of Aircraft
  • No.3-002 2019-03-01: Inspections of Specialized Services, etc.
  • No.3-003 2019-12-13: Policy of Airworthiness Directives
  • No.3-006 2018-04-24: Maintenance and Management Program for Small Turbine Engines which have Module Structure
  • No.3-010 2011-06-30: Standards and Inspection for Altimeters and Static Pressure Systems
  • No.3-011 2011-06-30: Periodic Inspection for Secondary Radar Transponder Equipment
  • No.3-021 2020-06-17: Guidelines for Keeping Flight Logbook after Performing Legal Inspections
  • No.3-026 2018-01-26: Handling of Repair Design Data Approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
  • No.4-004 2021-07-30: Guidelines for Evaluating Maintenance Manuals & Detailed Implementation Procedure
  • No.4-007 2014-03-31: Policies for Establishing the Term of Validity of Airworthiness Certificate for Aircraft of Air Carrier
  • No.4-013 2011-06-30: Managing large-scale structural reair conducted outside of Manufacturer’s facility
  • No.4-014 2011-06-30: Long-term monitoring of aircraft structural safety after implementation of large scale structural repair
  • No.4-017 2011-06-30: Operating hours of rented components with a limit of operating hours set by Maintenance Manuals
  • No.4-020 2014-03-31: General policy for establishing Safety Management System
  • No.4-022 2019-08-19: Guidelines for implementation of alcohol testing for flight crew etc.
  • No.6-001 2019-03-01: Report and communication about a failure related to an aircraft
  • No.6-002 2019-12-13: Service Difficulty Reporting Procedure
  • No.6-014 2018-12-19: Reporting of Suspected Unapproved Parts
  • No.6-015 2020-02-03:Handling of Alternative Jet Fuels (ASTM Specification D7566) for Aircraft
  • No.6-018 2019-03-29: General Standards for Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records
  • No.7-001 2022-05-24: Bilateral Agreements or Equivalent Arrangements on Aviation Safety with Foreign Countries

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