Maritime Bureau

Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industries

Advanced technologies for offshore and maritime sector

Offshore facilities

  • Ø  Mega-Float

  • Mega-Float is a very large floating structure made of steel, which can be utilized for various kinds of facilities, including airport, oil stockpiling base, container terminal and coal terminal, with only small impacts on the natural environment.

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  • Ø  Logistic Hub system

  • Logistic Hub system is a hub-and-spoke transportation system that can be utilized for offshore development.  It can minimize transportation cost of workers and supplies between land and offshore platforms.

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  • Ø  Green Ships

  • Japanese shipbuilding and ship machinery industry have developed new types of ships that have superior environmental performance, in particular, low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (Green Ships).

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Green Growth in maritime sector

  • Ø  Promotion of the “Green Ships” under the OECD

  • In view of promoting environmentally sound shipping in the world, in line with the OECD’s “Green Growth Strategy”, Japan proposed an incentive scheme for ships that have superior environmental performance (Green Ships), utilizing the export credit financing, at the OECD Working Party on Shipbuilding.

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