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JTSB Safety Recommendations_Aircraft

 When deemed necessary, the JTSB issues safety recommendations in order to prevent recurrences and to mitigate the damage caused by accidents.

Recommendation procedure

*The JTSB issues safety recommendations at any stage of the accident investigation.

Date of
Accident / Serious incident Investigation
Details of
safety recommendation
2015.04.14 Accident of the AIRBUS A320-200 operated by Asiana Airlines, Inc. Investigation report 2016.11.24 MOLIT 2017.03.28
2013.01.16 Serious incident of the Boeing 787-8 operated by All Nippon Airways Co., LTD. Investigation report 2014.09.25 FAA 2015.06.23
2011.09.22 Accident of the Eurocopter AS350B3 operated by Shikoku Air Service Co., Ltd. Investigation report 2013.06.28 EASA 2014.03.18
2011.09.06 Serious incident of the Boeing 737-700 operated by Air Nippon Co., Ltd. Investigation report 2014.09.25 FAA 2015.06.23
2010.08.15 Serious incident of the McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 operated by Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. Investigation report 2012.06.29 FAA 2013.07.26
2009.03.28 Serious incident of the Eurocopter EC135T2 operated by academic corporate body HIRATAGAKUEN Investigation report 2013.09.27 EASA 2016.02.02
2009.03.25 Serious incident of the Bombardier DHC-8-402 operated by Japan Air Commuter Investigation report 2010.08.27 TCCA 2013.03
2009.03.23 Accident of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F operated by Federal Express Corporation Investigation report 2013.04.26 FAA 2013.09.25 2015.07.15 2016.01.26
2007.08.20 Fire accident of the Boeing 737-800 operated by China Airlines Investigation report 2009.08.28 FAA 2010.11.24
2009.08.28 CAA of Taiwan 2009.12.17
2005.12.01 Serious incident of the Boeing 767-300 operated by Skymark Airlines Investigation report 2009.01.23 FAA 2010.03.10

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