Japan Transport Safety Board

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JTSB Mission

We contribute to
 -preventing the occurrence of accidents and
 -mitigating the damage caused by them,
thus improving transport safety while raising public awareness, and thereby protecting the people’s lives by
 -accomplishing appropriate accident investigations which thoroughly unveil the causes of accidents and damages incidental to them, and
 -urging the implementation of necessary policies and measures through the issuance of safety recommendations and opinions or provision of safety information.

JTSB Principles

1. Conduct of appropriate accident investigations

We conduct scientific and objective accident investigations separated from apportioning blame and liability, while deeply exploring into the background of the accidents, including the organizational factors, and produce reports with speed. At the same time, we ensure that the reports are clear and easy to understand and we make efforts to deliver information for better understanding.

2. Timely and appropriate feedback

In order to contribute to the prevention of accidents and mitigation of the damage caused by them, we send messages timely and proactively in the forms of recommendations, opinions or factual information notices nationally and internationally. At the same time, we make efforts towards disclosing information in view of ensuring the transparency of accident investigations.

3. Consideration for victims

We think of the feelings of victims and their families, or the bereaved appropriately, and provide them with information regarding the accident investigations in a timely and appropriate manner, and respond to their voices sincerely as well.

4. Strengthening the foundation of our organization

We take every opportunity to develop the skills of our staff, including their comprehensive understanding of investigation methods, and create an environment where we can exchange opinions freely and work as a team to invigorate our organization as a whole.

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