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For the promotion of transport safety, the Japan Transport Safety Board publishes newsletter which includes the outline of investigation reports, the lessons learned from accident/incident investigations.

NEW Special edition "Marine Accident Cases"
Accidents in Kanmon Kaikyo < issued in August 2010 >

Special edition “Marine Accident Cases”-Accidents in Kanmon Kaikyo

Full text[PDF:1.57MB]

Collision in the Kanmon Passage between a cargo ship proceeding north from Tobata Passage to Kanmon Passage and another cargo ship proceeding eastward in the Kanmon Passage

Collision between two cargo ships, both southbound, in restricted visibility because of thick fog, in the vicinity of the northwestern end of the Kanmon Passage No. 2

Collision in Hayatomo Seto, in Kanmon Passage, between a westbound cargo ship and an eastbound pusher/barge unit in strong tidal streams

Grounding, in Hayatomo Seto, Kanmon Passage, of a cargo vessel which was proceeding northeastward in restricted visibility because of thick fog, when she tried to avoid a vessel sailing ahead of her

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