Safety-assured Private Lodging

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1.Matters Imposed on Private Lodging Business Operators

(1) Entrustment of Private Lodging Administration Business
In an event where the number of lodging rooms of the registered lodging exceeds 5, or in the event where the Private Lodging Operators are absent (*) while lodging the lodger, the Private Lodging Operator must entrust a Private Lodging Administrator to take the foregoing measures (1) to (6) in any of the following cases.
(*) Excluding cases where the Private Lodging Operator is absent within the time scope required for ordinary actions on operating his/her daily life

(2) Entrustment to a Private Lodging Agent
The Private Lodging Operator must entrust an agency/intermediary service in concluding a Lodging Service Provision Agreement (agreement concerning the provision of lodgment services to lodgers at a registered lodging) to a Private Lodging Agent or a travel agent in case of the entrustment to other persons.

2.Service Provided by Private Lodging Business Operators

(1) Indicate the escape route (2) Guidance in a foreign language on how to use the equipment in the registered lodging (3) Provide information in a foreign language on means of transportation (4) Give guidance on what number to dial in case of an event of fire or other disaster, using a foreign language (5) Maintaining a Lodgers' Registry Book and checking the identification of each lodger    *Each lodger's nationality, their passport number and a copy of their passport is required, if the lodger is a foreigner who does not have a fixed address in Japan. (6) Explanation of Matters Necessary for Prevention of Harmful Effects on the Living Environment in the Surrounding Area    Explanation of matters to be considered for preventing noise, disposal of waste, fire prevention, etc.

3.Matters to Confirm about Private Lodging Administrators

Since the Private Lodging Administrator is required to post a sign in a place where everyone can easily see at each main business office or office, you can confirm whether the operator has been registered or not by checking the sign.

In addition, since a person engaged in the Private Lodging Administration Business is required to carry an "employment certificate," you can confirm whether the operator has been registered. However, the people subject to carrying an employment certificate are those who directly enter the notified housing, work closely with Private Lodging Business Operators or lodgers as an administrator. Therefore, people who only clean the linen, drivers, etc. may not carry the employment certificate, as such people are not required to carry it.

4.Matters to Confirm about Private Lodging Agents

Please confirm whether the following matters are available or not at the proxy's website.

(1) Is pre-guidance of the terms of use provided?
(2) Can the registration number, approval of the property, etc. be confirmed?
(3) Can the address of the property be confirmed?