Private Lodging Business Operators

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Private Lodging Business Operators

What is a Private Lodging Business?

A business where any person other than a business proprietor, as set forth in Article 3-2, paragraph 1 of the Inns and Hotels Act, provides lodgings at a private house for a fee, not exceeding the use of the private lodgings to 180 days a year.
The "houses" that can conduct private lodging business must be equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, a restroom (toilet), and a washstand facility.In addition, the house shall be currently used as the main home of a person, a house which is advertised to a new dweller after the period of lease with a former dweller has expired, as per the residence requirements.

What is a Private Lodging Operator?

A person engaged in the Private Lodging Business as per a notification.

How to Start a Business


A person who intends to operate a Private Lodging Business is required to notify the prefectural governor or similar, stating intention to operate such business.In addition, a document that proves that the lodging meets the residence requirements, such as an advertisement for rent, along with an attachment of the housing plan are required upon notification.

Duties of the Private Lodging Operator

The Private Lodging Operator needs to take the following measures for conducting an appropriate Private Lodging Business.

(1)Ensuring the Health of Lodgers

  • [1]Secure 3.3m2 or wider of floor space per lodger for the lodging room
  • [2]Cleaning and ventilation
    ※Please also refer to the "Guidelines for Sanitation in the Hotel Business."

(2)Ensuring Safety of Lodgers

  • The Private Lodging Operator shall take the following necessary measures:
  • [1]Install emergency lighting equipment
  • [2]Display the evacuation route
  • [3]Take other measures to ensure safety for the lodgers in case of fire or other disasters.

(3)Secure Comfort and Convenience of Lodgers, who are Foreign Tourists

  • The Private Lodging Operator shall take the following necessary measures to the lodger:
  • [1]Provide guidance in a foreign language on how to use the equipment in the notified lodging
  • [2]Provide information in a foreign language on means of transportation
  • [3]Provide guidance in a foreign language on what number to dial in event of fire or other disasters

(4)Lodgers' Registry Book

  • The Private Lodging Operator shall take the following necessary measures in preparing a Lodger's Registry Book;
  • ・Create it upon identity verification
  • ・Preserve it for 3 years from the date created
  • ・List the names, addresses, occupations and lodging dates of each lodger
  • ・List nationality and passport number in cases where the lodger does not have a fixed address in Japan

(5)Prevention of Harmful Effects on the Living Environment in the Surrounding Area

  • The Private Lodging Operator shall explain to lodgers by documentation or using other such proper method, of the following matters;
  • [1]Matters to be considered for preventing noise
  • [2]Matters to be considered for disposal of waste
  • [3]Matters to be considered for preventing fire

(6)Response to Complaints

  • The Private Lodging Operator shall quickly and properly respond to complaints and inquiries from residents in the areas surrounding the notified private lodging.

(7)Entrustment of Private Lodging Administration Business

  • The Private Lodging Operator must entrust a Private Lodging Administrator to take the foregoing measures (1) to (6) in any of the following cases.
  • [1]In the event where the number of lodging rooms of the notified lodging exceeds 5
  • [2]In the event where the Private Lodging Operators are absent while there are lodgers
    (※)Exclude cases where the Private Lodging Operator is absent within the time scope required for ordinary actions on operating his/her daily life

(8)Entrustment to Private Lodging Agent

  • The Private Lodging Operator must entrust agency/intermediary service in concluding a Lodging Service Provision Agreement (agreement concerning the provision of lodgment services to lodgers at the notified housing) to a Private Lodging Agent or a travel agent in case of entrustment to other persons.

(9)Posting of Signs

  • The Private Lodging Operator shall post a sign in a place accessible to the public at each notified housing location.

(10)Periodic Reporting to Prefectural Governor

  • The Private Lodging Operator must report the following details of each of the previous 2 months for each notified housing by the 15th day of February, April, June, August, October and December each year to the prefectural governor:
  • [1]The number of days having lodgers at the notified housing
  • [2]The number of lodgers
  • [3]The total number of lodgers
  • [4]A breakdown of the number of lodgers per nationality

Periodic reporting can be made using an electronic system.

Limitations on Execution of Private Lodging Business by Ordinance

When it is necessary to prevent deterioration of the living environment caused by noise and other factors attributable to the Private Lodging Business, the prefecture may limit the period of conducting the Private Lodging Business by defining an area pursuant to provisions of an ordinance, following the guidelines specified by a cabinet order to the extent deemed reasonably necessary.
The Private Lodging Operator shall confirm the rules set forth in the prefecture where the lodging is registered.