Basic Questions About the Private Lodging Business Act
  • What types of private lodging are there?

    "Private Lodging" includes those that obtained approval with respect to the Inns and Hotels Act and those that obtained authorization with respect to the Special Zone Private Lodging with a certain local government, in addition to those that registered with respect to this Private Lodging Business Act.

Questions About the Private Lodging Business
  • Are there any conditions on the size of registered lodging?

    There are no conditions on the size of the lodging, however, the required minimum floor area (3.3㎡) per lodger must be secured.

  • Can I be absent for work during the day?

    Entrustment to a Private Lodging Administrator is required, in case of being absent for a long period of time continuously due to work and other factors.

  • Do I need to submit an accommodation notification on laws and regulations for fire service, if I register?

    Although they are no requirements set forth through laws and regulations, application to the Fire Service Act is essential upon conducting a business.

  • Can I determine that I can register, in the event where prohibition of Private Lodging Business is not stipulated in the apartment management contract?

    A document that can confirm that the home owners association has no intention to prohibit operation of Private Lodging Business is required, if provisions on Private Lodging Business are not set forth in the management contract.

  • What is the limit of 180 days per year mean? How is it calculated?

    The Private Lodging Business Act stipulates the maximum number of days having people lodged at each lodging over the course of a year to be 180 days, which term is from 12 p.m. of April 1 to 12 p.m. of April 1 of the next year. 1 night is counted as 1 day and is calculated.

  • When, how and what should I report in the periodic reporting to the prefectural governor?

    The private lodging business operator is required to report [1] the number of days having people lodged at the registered lodging, [2] the number of lodgers, [3] the total number of the lodger(s) and [4] a breakdown of the number of lodgers per nationality of each previous 2 months by the 15th day of February, April, June, August, October and December each year.

Questions About the Private Lodging Agent Business
  • Do I need to report to the administrative agency, regarding the accommodation results of the property listed on the agent's website?

    The results held through the agent on the registered lodging under the Private Lodging Business Act are required to be reported to the International Tourism Division, Japan Tourism Agency in April and October each year.

  • Do I need to add the Private Lodging Agent Business on the business details of the registeration?

    Yes, it is required. Please add "Private Lodging Agent Business in accordance with the Private Lodging Business Act" to the business details.

  • How much is the registration fee for brokerage operation? Where should I pay?

    Please pay 90 thousand yen for registration and license fee to Koujimachi Tax Office, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Payment to the Bank of Japan or a post office is also available as the payment-to entity.

  • Is there a valid date for the registration of a private lodging agent business?

    Application for renewal is required every 5 years.