No flights of unregistered Unmanned Aircraft weighing 100 g or more are allowed after June 20, 2022.Please be sure to register your Unmanned Aircraft.Also, Unmanned Aircraft of 100 g or more is subject to the control of the Civil Aeronautics Act including the scope of the flight permission system from June 20, 2022.


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the registration system

See here for Handbook for
Unmanned Aircraft Registration

Background of
the registration system

With the growing use of Unmanned Aircraft
(drones and model aircraft, etc.),
accidents and incidents of unauthorized flights have been
frequent in recent years.
Under such circumstances,
the registration system
for Unmanned Aircraft came into effect on June 20,
2022. From that day onwards,
all Unmanned Aircraft must be registered,
and no flights of unregistered Unmanned Aircraft are allowed.

Registration procedures

Unmanned Aircraft registration requires the following three steps.
Registration can be done through the DIPS 2.0 web dashboard,

When you verify your identity online
(using your passport)

Our smartphone site makes it easy to read the passport information. Please click here to read your passport information.

For smartphone users ▶︎
QR code

*Scan the QR code, and then reopen the page in Safari or Chrome

This The video explains
the application procedure in detail.

This explains how you can apply
online on Drone/UAS Information Platform System 2.0.
STEP1 Open your Account. Access Drone/UAS Information Platform System 2.0, and enter your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and other details after reading the rules and agreeing to the terms and conditions. STEP2 Register an Unmanned Aircraft. Login to Drone/UAS Information Platform System 2.0 using the ID and password specified in the email sent to you confirming the creation of your account (Account Created notification). Click on “New Registration” in the Main Menu to register your Unmanned Aircraft. Your passport is necessary to verify your identity. STEP3 Pay the Fee. Click on the URL provided in the email sent to you after the registration of your Unmanned Aircraft and login to Drone/UAS Information Platform System 2.0. On the “Confirmation of the  applicationStatus/withdraw/ Payments” page, click on “Payment,” select “Credit Card,” and then make your payment.

Once all procedures are completed, you will get a registration
ID for the Unmanned Aircraft.
Display this ID on the Unmanned Aircraft so that it is clearly visible.

Drone/UAS Information Platform System 2.0

In addition to displaying a registration
ID on the Unmanned Aircraft, the aircraft
must be equipped with a remote ID function.

The RID equipment installed in the Unmanned Aircraft transmits
the aircraft’s identification information via radio waves even during a flight,
not only enabling you to identify whether or not it is
registered but also ensuring safe skies.

*The transmitted Information does not contain personal information.

Exemption conditions

CASE1 During the pre-registration period For Unmanned Aircraft that are registered until June 19, 2022 CASE2 Safety measures Flights over a specific area, with necessary measures taken such as assignment of assistants to monitor the flight of Unmanned Aircraft and clarification of the perimeter of the area  CASE3 Moored flight Flights conducted by mooring with a sufficiently strong string, etc.

Pre-registration Check-List

  • Prepare your IDs.
  • Prepare documents showing information about your company. *Only for companies or organizations
  • Prepare your contact information (Email address, phone number).
  • Keep documents about your Unmanned Aircraft at hand.
  • Make sure you have the application fee ready.

Manuals/Guidelines/Application Documents

The manuals and guidelines regarding the application procedures and
registration system are available.
More information


I applied for registration, but have received no response so far.
What is the update on my application?
You can check the status of your application through Drone/UAS Information Platform System 2.0. Please wait for a while until your application data is transacted in the system.
After applying for registration, you receive an e-mail for data correction or your identification. You cannot complete all registration procedures unless you make a correction following the instructions, or click the URL in the e-mail, so please be sure to check if there is any incoming email from the system.
Also, there are an increasing number of applicants who forget to send their ID documents despite checking the mailing method of an ID when applying online. Please be aware that your application cannot be accepted unless your ID documents are delivered to us.
What happens when flying Unmanned Aircraft without registration?
You are liable to a fine of up to 500,000 yen or imprisonment for up to one year under the Civil Aeronautics Act.
What types of Unmanned Aircraft are subject to registration?
All drones or model aircraft weighing 100 g or more that fly outdoors.
Do I have to register each Unmanned Aircraft I own?
Yes. And you need to display the registration ID on your Unmanned Aircraft.
Is it necessary to pay for my application?
Yes.For more information, please click here.
Does pre-registration make it unnecessary to install remote ID equipment?
Yes, it is unnecessary to install remote ID equipment as long as your application is completed between December 20, 2021 and June 19, 2022.
Doesn’t the registration expire early if an aircraft is registered during
the pre-registration period?
If the aircraft is registered during the pre-registration period (before June 20, 2022), the mandatory registration is valid for three years from June 20, 2022. It will not expire early.

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